Your relationship with yourself matters

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Last week we talked about the most common regrets of the dying.
All of these regrets are born from losing focus on our relationships; loosing focus on both our relationship with our Self and our relationships with others.
Relationships matter.

Your relationship with your Self matters.

Your relationship with your Self is where we start because you are creating your world.
Your experience of life is a direct consequence of what you think, the pictures you make in your head and the words you choose to say to yourself.

Don’t think this is true for you?
That you don’t make pictures in your head?
That you don’t say stuff to yourself about those pictures?
Okay then.

Whatever you do…

Don’t think of a pink elephant,
wearing a yellow tutu,
riding a skateboard,
in red stilletos.

Just try not to get a picture that.
But you did didn’t you?
And what were you saying to yourself as you pictured that elephant?

So let’s agree then shall we, that we do make pictures in our heads and we do say stuff to ourselves about those pictures? And of course we agree that our relationship with ourself matters don’t we?

But how exactly does making pictures in our head help with our relationship with ourself?

I guarantee you –
All of us are dying, right now.
So we can either get busy doing that, keep sleep walking our way to the grave with our own list of regrets…
we can get busy living… living true to ourselves and really sucking every… last… drop out of life!

If you choose life, this gem is for you:

Because you already know you make pictures in your head and you already know you talk to yourself about those pictures, focusing on and enjoying your relationship with yourself is easy…
Just choose the pictures you make in your head and choose what you say to yourself about them.
Just choose…what you want to see and what you say to yourself about it.

Just choose.

As an example of the power of this technique in successfully enjoying your relationship with yourself, allow me to tell you a little story.

Superman is an adventurer and one Summer’s day, as we were crossing Tallebudgera Creek bridge, he thought he’d join some kids in jumping off the bridge and into the creek.
But he didn’t know what I knew.
I knew the Life Guard who patrolled the area and he’d told me there were a pair of resident bull sharks living near the rocks. Right where Superman would splash down.

So at Superman’s suggestion of jumping off the bridge, my monkey mind instantly made a picture – a whole short film in fact – of Superman landing on the sharks and them tearing him limb from limb and me stressing from above about what to do, how to help, whether or not to jump in…

You get the picture?
Yep! You do don’t you?!

Let me tell you, those pictures triggered a big stress reaction within me.
But instead of continuing to feel stressed and worried and panicked and afraid, I chose to STOP clear my mind of those gruesome and bloody pictures and START creating what I wanted to see instead; basically Superman splashing down, getting out without issue and us cruising off on our way. Because these pictures had me feeling heaps better within myself, I chose to picture them instead.

And you can do this too.
With everything!

When you’re thinking about that meeting you have with that challenging client, create the pictures you want to see. When you’re thinking of having that difficult conversation with your partner, picture it how you want it to go.

If you are in Victoria right now, perhaps you’re thinking of how this seven day Lockdown is going to go for you, for your family or your business?

Remember to create pictures of what you want, instead of what you don’t want.
Tell yourself good things about those pictures too.
Your experience of life is created by the pictures you make and what you tell yourself about them.
So just choose what you want to be seeing and hearing on the inside there and the outside will reflect that back at you. So your relationship with yourself matters. It really does.

Superman and I got so good at this technique last night (Day 0), he found himself asking me if I’d managed to get myself a massage appointment for today as I had planned. I’m like: ah no – we’ll be in Lockdown. Absolutely loving the fact we had forgotten.

Take charge of curating the pictures in the gallery of your mind!
And do let me know how you go won’t you?

Rachel x
Your Life Changing Coach
is change that builds upon itself.
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