Life moves pretty fast

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Life moves pretty fast.
If you don’t stop,
and take a look around once in a while
you might miss it.
~ Ferris Bueller



Showing my age now…and the source of some of my inspiration!
And just like other poets of their time, Ferris said it well.

The point being: life is for living.
Otherwise, they would have called it something else.

Today is November 26th 2021.
It’s not even December and I am writing to you to wish you a Merry Christmas, a relaxing and rejuvenating holiday and a healthy and prosperous New Year.
Because I am clocking off next Wednesday.
And I would feel terrible not saying ‘See you next year!’ before I do.

And I noticed myself feeling guilty about stopping now!

Which is fucking crazy…
or what we should do?
Or somewhere in between.
Depends on your ‘stuff’ and how you view the world right?

My stuff is way too complex to put into one teeny weeny blog!

But let me tell you what challenging my ‘stuff’ about knocking off next week has reminded me:
None of this even matters.

  • What matters is how I feel.
    • I can choose to feel guilty, obligated, lucky, blessed…
  • What matters is what I am saying to myself.
    • I can choose to get on my case about all the stuff I think, feel and say to myself about my ‘stuff’
    • I can choose to see the bigger picture…
    • Give myself some LOVE and understanding…
    • Make excuses
    • Forget the magnificence and beauty of the life I lead
    • Buy into what I should do…according to my husband, my family, the neighbours, my clients…
      Instead of what feels good, to my highest sense of myself.
    • Blame others for why I feel the way I do
    • Distract, protract, procrastinate, divert…
    • Rebel! This is one of my all time favourite options!

There’s no right way.
Not Universally.
Just do what respects yourself, others and The Universe,
and feels good
on a way up high, soaring with eagles kinda way
or a deep down, pit o’ your gut kinda way.
And that warm, sunny lightness feeling in your chest is also a great indicator that something feels good to your highest self!

Whatever you do.
Consciously choose.

Because it is your life, you know?

If you don’t stop,
and take a look around
once in a while,
You might miss it.

Thank you for reading.
I am off now, from December 1st 2021 until January 10 2022…as you know.
And I very much look forward to catching up with you in the New Year sometime.
Whenever you know is time.

May all your Christmases be merry and bright.

Rachel x
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