Easy Add-ons for Spinal Mobility

Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Spinal Mobility Exercises

Last week’s blog detailed a simple, yet Life Changing Spinal Exercise that takes about 15-20 minutes to do. This week I want to gift you some quick and easy add-ons for spinal mobility, that when combined will give you a complete set of exercises for supreme spinal health. Of course, you can adopt a Yin…

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A Life Changing Spinal Exercise

Healthy green foliage looks like life changing spinal exercise Generative Change

If you only do one exercise to care for your body and your self, please make this exercise the one! Allow me to share with you a life changing spinal exercise that has changed my life. It is simple. It needs no bells and whistles, nor fancy wrist-banded measuring sticks or data counters. Because it…

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Simple Rules

Blue wall with simple rules on it no parking Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online By Phone

The personal mastery course, Mundamutti Mastery, I was blessed to do in January this year, set me up with some fabulous skills that have helped me thrive in this most interesting of years, 2020. It is really difficult choosing the best and most helpful learning from those three amazing days in marvellous Mildura, but the…

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Two bonds t-shirts on top of each other Generative Change Dee-evolution

I was recently looking at picking up a couple of Bond’s T-shirts. They are so lovely and soft. An XS sized men’s one usually fits nicely. When I came to the reviews for the same old tees Superman and I have been buying for years, the first review I saw told me all I needed…

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