Finding a little joy

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Finding a little joy here and there in life is a sure way to feel better.
As a strategy for self care, positive mindset and increasing our enjoyment and satisfaction in our life, finding a little joy is as good as it gets.
Let me tell you why.

Finding a little joy

  • It’s completely free
    • Yes – you need zero dollars, cero pesos and absolutely nul Krone!
  • Can be done anywhere, anytime
    • For sure – finding a little joy is super portable and trans-temporal.
  • Takes no time at all
    • Finding a little joy is as fast as the speed of thought and that’s estimated to be 120m per second!
  • It’s empowering
    • You do not need a therapist, counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, priest or coach to feel better from this strategy.
      It’s all you.
      It’s all about you.
      Lots of our little joys are really quite personal and unique to us actually.
Where I find a little joy

A well made cup of tea, clear water, rainbows, the bright green colour of the sea lettuce on the rocks here, wind gently moving the leaves in the trees, sounds of children playing, the film A Good Year, warm croissants, th feeling of a dog lick on the back of my leg, the smell of jasmine, sleeping in, getting up early for an adventure, buying honey at roadside stalls in the countryside….

Where do you find a little joy?

We can find a little joy anywhere, everywhere.
But why bother to look?
Because joy makes us feel better.

Because sometimes we don’t always feel so joyful right?
So at these times, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens may not exactly be skipping across our dark and stormy mind.

This is when a Joy Journal comes in handy.

Just get yourself a journal or notebook of some kind – you probably have a bunch of them lying about the house – and write “JOY” at the top and start recording all the little bits of joy you find in your daily life.

Pay close attention to the things that get your through because each one of those is a tool that will help get you through another time.
~ Tarana Burke, author, survivor and the igniter of the #metoo movement.


At the times when we feel sad and depressed, we need and benefit and feel better from reminding ourselves…THIS IS NOT ALL THERE IS…THIS IS NOT ALL THE TIME NOR IS IT FOREVER.
It is just now.

Keeping a Joy Journal soon becomes a towering body of proof – that our life IS actually good and satisfying and enjoyable – if not now, or most of the time, then some of the time, at least.

And just like one of those wonderful password management platforms, where we only need remember one strong password in order to access the glorious bounty of passwords we use, when we are feeling sad and depressed, all we need remember and feel able to do, is to open and read our Joy Journal.

That one thing, that one action when we feel down changes our perspective and lifts us up.
Because it proves to us there is joy, even just little bits, in our life.

But as Rudyard Kipling wisely advises us in his blessedly wonderful poem If:

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
   And treat those two impostors just the same;

Life is triumph and disaster, ups and downs, peaks and valleys.
Sadness and depression AND happiness and joy.
Nothing lasts forever in this world.
Not one thing, not even joy.
But we can build, create, nourish, signpost and light up the paths to joy for ourselves.
So we can find our way back there easily and effortlessly.

And do let me know your thoughts, questions, experiences – I am always interested.

Rachel x
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