Life Changing Results with Client Alice Blackburn

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black and white image of Stevie Jade Turner Amazing Financial Planner Client of Generative Change

Stevie-Jade Turner

I met Rachel right around the time I was starting in a new Leadership role at work. I was unfamiliar with managing people and I was walking around with the feeling and mindset that I was doing everything wrong! I wanted to improve on this and that’s why I engaged Rachel, to help me sort…
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Coaching Client Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online By Phone

Jo Ramsey

Rachel is totally AMAZING!!! She was recommended to me by a long time school friend when I had lost my way and could not seem to find it again, despite numerous other therapists. In just three short months, Rachel has not only got me back on track, she also completely turned my life around, flipped…
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Beautiful Coaching Client's smiling face successful and happy

Pauline Bosnjak

I first came to Rachel with a purely physical need at the time. I was training intensely and had some injury. After attending physio for a period of time, some maintenance was required!   My first encounter with Rachel was peaceful and comfortable. She intuitively targeted my “weaknesses”. I felt extremely relaxed with Rachel.  …
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Life Changing Results with Client Fiona Branch

Fiona Branch

I first came across Rachel as a massage therapist and was excited to later learn she was an NLP Practitioner and Coach & immediately booked a Session. At the time I began having Coaching Sessions, I had been through a life-changing experience having been diagnosed with not one but three major brain conditions including a…
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Life Changing Results with Client Phill Tsingos

Phill Tsingos

I chose to access Coaching at the time because I felt like I was doing the same thing with nil ability to improve or change​. In my life, I was frustrated that I sabotaged myself and was not able to make the changes I wanted real​. I did have hesitations about beginning my Coaching Sessions with…
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Life Changing Results with client simone pearce

Simone Pearce

In the beginning I approached Rachel for her massage services. In that time I observed that it was rare to meet someone with a heart as kind and honest as Rachel’s. So, I took the opportunity to talk to her about what was happening in life, my thoughts on it and my troubles. Speaking to…
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Life Changing Results with Client Megan Flaherty

Megan Flaherty

I chose to access Coaching at the time because I was experiencing high levels of stress and having trouble switching off. My career was progressing well and I had started postgraduate study, however I was aware that my tendency to become overly anxious about work related issues would hold me back personally and professionally. I…
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Life Changing Results with Client Julie Maxwell

Julie Maxwell

My best friend wanted to undertake a treetop obstacle course for her 50th birthday. Worried about my fear of heights she said we could do something else instead. Suddenly I realised I was tired of sitting on the sidelines watching everybody else have fun. My friend laughed when I told her to keep her plans because…
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