Stevie-Jade Turner

I met Rachel right around the time I was starting in a new Leadership role at work. I was unfamiliar with managing people and I was walking around with the feeling and mindset that I was doing everything wrong! I wanted to improve on this and that’s why I engaged Rachel, to help me sort through all the things that were getting in the way and holding me back.

I was overwhelmed and burnt out and couldn’t let go of the ‘victim’ mentality that had crept in. This also resulted in work and life becoming completely unbalanced and I felt that I wasn’t present at home with my family and didn’t know how to switch off or regain the control and balance I’d once had.

Rachel, was amazing at helping me to look at myself in a safe environment, without judgement, which helped me to see everything that was getting in my way (me!). I was able to let go of unhelpful beliefs and try new ways of approaching problems and really lean into my discomfort of being new at something and turning that into enjoying the learning journey.

After 9 sessions working with Rachel, there is a visible difference in me. Colleagues and family have all commented that I’m back to my usual bubbly self and that I look and sound really energised and happy (and that’s how I feel).

Cannot thank Rachel enough for helping me and will definitely be back when I need her Super Powers!