Travel During Covid19

woman standing by luggage smiling investing in travel Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and by phone

Investing in travel during Covid19 is a bit of a gamble right? But isn’t everything in life? If the year that was 2020 taught us one thing, it was that best laid plans can be blown out of the water at any moment. And yes – just like the wonderful Baz Luhrmann song, Everybody’s Free…

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Fear of needles Vs The Covid Vaccine

Donald Trump drinking chlorine vs the covid vaccine fear of needles causing anxiety Generative Change Life Changing Coaching online and by phone

I met a lovely fellow this week whilst doing the Mental Health First Aid course and his brave sharing has inspired this week’s article. Like a lot of perfectly sane, intelligent and well balanced people, Ashley has a fear of needles. And at the moment, the fear of needles Vs The Covid Vaccine is quite…

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The Royal Interview

Windsor Castle The Royal Interview Generative Change

The day after The Royal Interview aired this week, I was in my local cafe buying coffee beans when I witnessed something that had me feel sad and a little bit angry. An older man, perhaps in his seventies, picked up the newspaper with Meghan Markle on the front cover under the headline: I just…

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Tired of Password Fatigue?

Two hands with pink glitter tired of password fatigue Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and by phone

Are you tired of password fatigue? I’d never heard the frustration described like that until my friend Carla posted about it on Facebook. We need dang passwords for everything these days and where do you put them so you can find them easily but no creep in a dark room somewhere in The Ukraine (sorry…

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