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Investing in travel during Covid19 is a bit of a gamble right?

But isn’t everything in life?
If the year that was 2020 taught us one thing, it was that best laid plans can be blown out of the water at any moment. And yes – just like the wonderful Baz Luhrmann song, Everybody’s Free (to wear sunscreen) – it was 4pm on some idle Tuesday when we were blindsided by Covid19.

I lived through the first year of the pandemic in Melbourne, so I have a hard earned view about how much this virus can impact your life… if you let it. We didn’t see our families for a year, we worked from home (together), experienced severe and prolonged Lockdown and had flights, festivals and holidays cancelled or postponed. Being avid travellers, Superman and I really felt trapped by not being able to travel – to Brisbane to see family and on theĀ  overseas travels we so value.

But today, I am travelling again. Yay!
And Superman and I just did the math and discovered I have not been on a plane since Christmas 2019.

You see it’s Bluesfest time.
The magical 5-day event, held in Byron Bay each Easter, has been a healing part of our year for almost a decade – up until 2020. Last year’s Bluesfest was cancelled due to Covid19 but they gave us full refunds, asking us to then support the Australian Music Industry by repurchasing our tickets for 2021. Not knowing if we’d be able or allowed to travel this Easter we repurchased our tickets, taking full responsibility for the consequences.
Namely, the price of our tickets may end up being a donation come Easter 2021.

And this is the very thing I want you to get.
Even more than ever before, when we book holidays and travel in this Covid19 world, we are making an investment.

And just like any investment, there are risks and these are to be mitigated – as far as is possible – with accurate and current information. Do the best you can and you may still be left holding the bag on a holiday cancelled by Covid19.

But I ask you – what is the alternative?
Never go anywhere?
Never see the family and friends who don’t live in your state?
Live in fear?

Not this little black duck!
Even as I type this, sitting in my little Sister’s place in Brisbane, local health authorities have just announced one mystery case today in Brisbane.
But what do you do?

I have no control over that.
What I can do something about is where to keep my head and heart at, right now.

We did our due diligence and here we are.
For a time we were doing anxiety about it all.
Yes we sure did… for a time.

  • What if the festival we LOVE is completely naff because of Covid safety measures?
  • What if our last minute accommodation is rubbish?
  • What if there’s an outbreak, we have to cancel and don’t get our money back?
  • What if we get stuck away from home?
  • What if we have to bust it home, just like on New Year’s Day this year?
  • What if there’s an outbreak and we have to quarantine for fourteen days when we get home?

The list goes on and on right? If you let it.
With What if paving the road to anxiety!

So remember what Yoda said:

Do or do not. There is no try.

So we made our decision and we decided to go for it, to own it, to take full responsibility for the consequences. Whatever happens.
We decided and here we are – fully.
No more doing anxiety.
No second guessing; just wholehearted commitment to our cause.

The key to investing in travel during Covid19 is full responsibility and wholehearted commitment to your cause.
Or do not do it.

Like I always used to say to folks who wanted to ride pillion on my motorbike – get on and LOVE it or don’t get on at all. Getting on and feeling afraid and anxious is bullshit.
When we ‘live’ life in this halfway house, we aren’t truly living at all.
We’re fearing.
We are fragile and could break at any moment, depending on the cards we’re dealt.

Rachel Carroll Life Changing Coach Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and by phone on a plane with mask on

I was like a little child on their first flight last night!
The novelty is back!
I loved marvelling at cloud formations, the amazing sunset from up in the sky and how quaint and harmless Humanity looks from above.

I’ve enjoyed a huge hug from little Sis already and have so much to look forward to like playdates with nieces and nephews, my Monster-in-Law’s amazing roast pork, five days of Australian music, catching up with friends, swimming in the ocean, relaxing in beautiful natural surrounds and some well earned time off!

The risk in the investment is worth it to me.
And the investment is already paying dividends.
Should the investment goes south, I will be okay. I came in with my eyes open and fully owning my decision.
And so far, I’m having a whole lot of fun!

And I will be okay.
And so will you, should you choose to BE ‘The New Normal’ in your life, instead of waiting for it to show up.

Rachel x
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