Being escorted to the toilet by Police

woman sitting at laptop at large window with city view Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and By Phone

Being escorted to the toilet by Police. Yes folks. That really happened. Last week in fact. I was escorted to the toilet by Police at Brisbane Airport while awaiting our return trip to Melbourne. Barely an hour after we’d landed and were denied entry to our home state. Little more than twelve hours after we…

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My Covid Test for Travel

Blue car in front of pink and green buildings covid test for travel Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and by phone

For those of you feeling too anxious or afraid to book travel outside your state right now, may I present you my Covid Test for Travel! So yep – we flew north from Melbourne to Brisbane, Stanthorpe and Byron Bay for The Bluesfest over Easter. Yep. You got it. Brisbane went into Lockdown three days…

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Travel During Covid19

woman standing by luggage smiling investing in travel Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and by phone

Investing in travel during Covid19 is a bit of a gamble right? But isn’t everything in life? If the year that was 2020 taught us one thing, it was that best laid plans can be blown out of the water at any moment. And yes – just like the wonderful Baz Luhrmann song, Everybody’s Free…

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Fear of needles Vs The Covid Vaccine

Donald Trump drinking chlorine vs the covid vaccine fear of needles causing anxiety Generative Change Life Changing Coaching online and by phone

I met a lovely fellow this week whilst doing the Mental Health First Aid course and his brave sharing has inspired this week’s article. Like a lot of perfectly sane, intelligent and well balanced people, Ashley has a fear of needles. And at the moment, the fear of needles Vs The Covid Vaccine is quite…

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Living in Melbourne right now

Two people with masks on living in Melbourne right now Generative Change

Living in Melbourne right now may appear rather desperate when viewed through the lens of Murdoch-owned media or from utopian Queensland. But for Superman and I, life is good. Until the next announcement on October 19, we are permitted to leave home each day for only four reasons: For exercise (now 2 hours a day,…

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Melbourne Lockdown Take II

Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and By Phone Life Coach Rachel Carroll Smiling and friendly at Southbank Brisbane for SINA Conference

I took this photo of myself at Southbank in Brisbane this time last year, after flying up there from Melbourne to deliver a Wellness Presentation to Spinal Care Nurses at the Annual SINA Conference. Today I am giving the same ray of sunshine, that is my smile, warmth and care and my Professional Wellness and…

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Boosting our Immunity

Healthy woman smiling behind watermelon slice boosting our immunity

Winter is well and truly here. If that were not motivation enough for us to invest in boosting our immunity, the presence of Covid19 this Winter surely seals the deal. Due to Covid19, all our personal hygiene practices should have reached new heights of thoroughness. Wellness basics like washing our hands regularly with soap and…

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Living The Low Touch Economy

Colourful monkey game monkeys linked hands in sky generative change

Living The Low Touch Economy. Because Humans are more than numbers, more than business forecasts and projections, more than survival strategies and pivots. We Humans are living this Covid19 experience and are actively creating the parameters defining The Low Touch Economy. Yes folks! We have a new Covid19 coined phrase! The term Low Touch Economy…

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Set Up Well for Covid19 Home Schooling?

boy in front of computer ergonomically correct

Set up well for Covid19 Home Schooling… And balance out the effects of extra screen time on your child’s health and wellbeing. Not to mention saving them neck tension and pain AND giving them the skills they need for all future device use. These devices are part of our lives, but that doesn’t mean they…

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