Fear of needles Vs The Covid Vaccine

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I met a lovely fellow this week whilst doing the Mental Health First Aid course and his brave sharing has inspired this week’s article. Like a lot of perfectly sane, intelligent and well balanced people, Ashley has a fear of needles.
And at the moment, the fear of needles Vs The Covid Vaccine is quite a battle in his mind.
This battle has him doing a bit of anxiety about how he’s actually going to get The Vaccine.
It really does not help matters that it comes in two doses either!

Like most people, what we call the Initial Sensitising Event occurred in his childhood, so that is decades of practicing fear of needles. And what happens when us Humans practice something?
We get really good at it don’t we?
So if we didn’t want to be good at fear and anxiety about needles, we just stop practicing right?
Well sometimes it’s not quite that easy.

Fear is a natural emotion that protects people from harm when they face real and imminent danger. A phobia is an excessive fear or anxiety related to specific objects or situations that are out of proportion to the actual danger they present.

Given these definitions, it is more accurate to say that Ashley has a phobia of needles.
While the prick of a needle is not pleasant, it generally does not qualify as a real and imminent danger. But his mind is perceiving it as such and because our minds don’t know the difference between real and imagined, it all feels very real to Ashley.

And just like most other good folk with phobias, he has also been practicing the fear and anxiety for a long time. And because we get really good at what we practice, whether it’s real or imagined, it’s understandable the fear of needles seems very real to Ashley right now.


My amazing Life Changing Coaching Clients reading this will be like:
But she just said but!

Yes I did just say But!

Because I want all those out there who are doing fear and anxiety and phobias about needles to know that it does not have to be that way.

Just because you once responded in a certain way – with a little child’s mind and thinking – does not mean this needs to be the way you always respond.
Not at all.

Because you have created the phobia for yourself…that means you can uncreate it for yourself.

And do hear me loud and clear right now – you were a little child, you did the very best you could with what happened and what you made it mean and what you told yourself about it.
with an adult brain and world experience under your belt, you may consider the very same situation differently?
Could you not?

And since a needle containing The Covid Vaccine is not a real and imminent danger and the fear of the needle is really a response to a memory you’ve been practicing for years and years, isn’t it possible, even plausible to consider that if we changed that memory and what you told yourself about it, the memory could no longer trigger a fear response within you?

How do we do this?

How do we recode our memories and our responses to them in a safe, powerful and permanent way?
NLP and Hypnosis!
That’s how.

In the clip below, Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner Paul McKenna is utilising a common phobia destroying process you will find most NLP and Hypnotherapists practice, including me.

You may find, by even just watching this clip, you begin to feel better and better about needles.

If you don’t and you want feel better and better and you want to recode that old memory that’s holding you back  call me and we’ll make a time to do that. Imagine how nice it will feel to be free of all that?

Ready yourself for The Covid Vaccine and change what is no longer serving you.
Contact me today!
Phone: 0435 826 096

**Warning – Contains vision of a needle.

Rachel x
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