Simone Pearce

In the beginning I approached Rachel for her massage services.

In that time I observed that it was rare to meet someone with a heart as kind and honest as Rachel’s. So, I took the opportunity to talk to her about what was happening in life, my thoughts on it and my troubles.

Speaking to Rachel made me feel relieved and with each meeting I felt more confident in myself to be able to overcome my attitude towards each problem I faced.

Rachel assisted me greatly in crystallising some thoughts and feelings, tackling complete issues in my life in a positive way, drawing on strengths and changing thinking habits that were unhelpful to me.

One thing I miss with Rachel is that heavy feeling of stress being lifted off my shoulders when I spilled all my feelings to her and entering the room to her beautiful warm smile.

I would highly recommend Rachel’s services to anyone that simply needs someone trusting to talk to and to someone who needs guidance in choosing a positive path to take in life.