Fiona Branch

I first came across Rachel as a massage therapist and was excited to later learn she was an NLP Practitioner and Coach & immediately booked a Session. At the time I began having Coaching Sessions, I had been through a life-changing experience having been diagnosed with not one but three major brain conditions including a brainstem tumour and I had undergone emergency brain surgery a few months prior. I have long had a strong belief in the metaphysical and strongly felt that some underlying emotional and mental issues were potentially at the root cause of these physical conditions. I was drawn to these modalities as a potential tool to assist me in recovering to good health.

Right from the outset, the Coaching Sessions were an incredibly powerful and insightful experience for me. Having undertaken several years of counselling for depression, I was surprised at the incredible answers and insights my inner self, or unconscious self, could provide me and I progressed forward and broke down many barriers much more quickly via this modality than I had ever done before. I was hooked!! Mainly because I recognised I could actually heal my Self, myself and could break through far more quickly, propelling myself to a healthier, happier version of me like never before.

I mistakenly thought I was ‘cured’ after the first few Sessions – such was the profound impact on my life – however I have since learnt that it’s a journey and there are constantly waves (some gentle, some not so). Riding them is all part of learning, growing and accepting things as they are. My relationships with my husband, sons, friends, extended family and colleagues have all improved as I have learnt to be more compassionate, less judgemental, more open to possibilities and perspectives. I’ve also become more willing to allow others to be themselves, in turn allowing myself to accept myself as I am.

As a Coach & Mentor, Rachel’s incredible level of compassion, integrity and skill in objectively guiding her clients to work towards their personal intentions is simply amazing. Her gentle yet candid approach has guided me to shine a light on those hidden parts of myself and the obstacles that have tormented me and at times, prevented me from living the peaceful, joyous & fulfilled life I longed to.

While my initial Sessions with Rachel back in 2014 were in person, earlier this year I wanted to work on some specific issues and once again looked to Rachel for coaching & mentoring. We are now 3,000km away from each other so in-person sessions weren’t an option. I was a little unsure about how the phone sessions would pan out however it was just as wonderful an experience for me. I found that I did just as well in my own comfortable space, and enjoyed having no self-imposed ‘expectations’ of having someone sit across from me and felt very free while being fully supported. Both modes worked for me and I honestly can’t say I’d have a preference for one over the other now.

If you are looking to be accountable and responsible for yourself, and are ready to do the work to become the best version of yourself (whatever that means to you), then Rachel is definitely someone you want to connect with to walk beside you on that exhilarating path.