Megan Flaherty

I chose to access Coaching at the time because I was experiencing high levels of stress and having trouble switching off. My career was progressing well and I had started postgraduate study, however I was aware that my tendency to become overly anxious about work related issues would hold me back personally and professionally.

I was looking for techniques to allow me to think problems through rationally rather than becoming stressed and also for advice about how to switch off.
I was hesitant to do Sessions over Skype at first, but I found that it was great being able to do Sessions from the comfort of home.

Rachel is very positive and easy to talk to.
I would definitely recommend her and her services.
Her services are great for anyone who is experiencing stress and needs to get some clarity in life.

Through our Skype Sessions, I have achieved tangible results.
I have learnt not to put so much pressure on myself and about the importance of switching off. I also feel the Sessions helped me to manage the stress of full time work and study, resulting in good results for my first semester of study

Other benefits from the Sessions I have noticed are, that as a result of an increased awareness of the need to look after myself, I have been more diligent with meditating regularly which has huge benefits for me.

All people need to know about beginning Coaching Sessions and working with Rachel is to be open to changing your way of thinking.