Phill Tsingos

I chose to access Coaching at the time because I felt like I was doing the same thing with nil ability to improve or change​.
In my life, I was frustrated that I sabotaged myself and was not able to make the changes I wanted real​.

I did have hesitations about beginning my Coaching Sessions with Rachel because I had been to another Coach with no real changes​.
With Rachel I achieved tangible results form the Sessions.
I am now more relaxed and am easier on myself​.
I also benefited from the experience by deciding to be relaxed with life for a year.​
There were things that happened during the Sessions that I did not expect; I realised things I did that I was unaware that I did.​

As a Coach/Mentor, Rachel is very easy to discuss all my life situations with.​
The best thing I liked about working with Rachel is that now I feel lighter and experience clear thinking.
For me, there is nothing I think she can improve on.

The most important thing people need to know about beginning Coaching Sessions and working with Rachel is that it is a safe relaxed environment​.

I would recommend Rachel and her services to people who have been wanting change for a while but have been unable to make it happen. ​
Rachel has a unique way to find out what you need to make positive changes in life​.