Simple Rules

The personal mastery course, Mundamutti Mastery, I was blessed to do in January this year, set me up with some fabulous skills that have helped me thrive in this most interesting of years, 2020.

It is really difficult choosing the best and most helpful learning from those three amazing days in marvellous Mildura, but the one shining its light on me this Friday afternoon is that of Simple Rules.

Simple Rules are exactly that – Simple Rules to live by.

The important thing to know about Simple Rules is that they help us make decisions by efficiently and effortlessly governing our expenditure of precious resources.
For me that’s time and health.
If I am feeling stuck or undecided, the Simple Rules I have chosen for myself make it easy for me to choose freely and easily and quickly between competing interests.

Simple Rules instantly stop the tennis match going back and forth between the options in my mind.

From an organisational or business perspective, Simple Rules are what you need to confidently give every member of the organisation autonomy in decision making. And that means you get to reap all the benefits of the knowledge, skills and ideas they have to contribute, without having to squeeze it out of them. Because when they are confronted by a choice, they freely and intelligently choose the one that fits with the organisation’s Simple Rules.

No more micromanaging!

An example of using Simple Rules in business is that of Marks & Spencer: Refund money without question. And doesn’t this liberate the decision making of even the shyest teenager working there on their school holidays? And just think of the efficiency it creates business-wide!

And an example of Simple Rules in a personal context?

The one shining in my mind at 5.18pm on a Friday afternoon, when one of my commitments is to write and publish a blog every week is: DO IT NOW!
DO IT NOW! is one of the Simple Rules I have chosen for myself and my life.

There are entire books, whole shelves’ worth in fact, about this life philosophy.
Hell – Nike have made the concept their own right? JUST DO IT!
The thing I want you to know about this Simple Rule of mine is that it stops A LOT of mental chatter.
And that improves my Mental Health.

Stop talking to yourself and just DO IT NOW!

Instead of talking to myself about all the stuff I haven’t done and all the stuff on my dang “to-do” list – I just DO IT NOW! when it pops into my head. Not only does DO IT NOW! stop all the chat about doing ‘it’, but it frees up all the energy I would have spent thinking and talking to myself about doing “it”.
I then have all this spare energy available for other things…like living!

So I really encourage you to give DO IT NOW! a go in your life.
Make it one of your Simple Rules to live by…or not.

Rachel x
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