Set Up Well for Covid19 Home Schooling?

Set up well for Covid19 Home Schooling…
And balance out the effects of extra screen time on your child’s health and wellbeing.
Not to mention saving them neck tension and pain AND giving them the skills they need for all future device use.

These devices are part of our lives, but that doesn’t mean they have to rule our lives nor does it mean we have to use them without sound postural knowledge and a sense of wellbeing and care for ourselves.

This week I have seen so many poor kids hunched over their home schooling and devices at kitchen tables, study desks, on the lounge room floor…
Although the Covid19 home schooling season will not be forever, it is important we care for our health and wellbeing throughout.


girl sitting at laptop not ergonomically correct

Definitely NOT ergonomically set up



AND that means you teachers too!
I know you are set up in all sorts of unusual ways in school at present.
And you guys are just like me; used to moving around constantly at work, instead of sitting at a computer.

boy in front of computer ergonomically correct

Ergonomically well set up



When I moved my work online, my body really missed all the movement that working as a Massage Therapist had given me. We are most definitely NOT meant to sit in front of a device for long periods! Let me tell you – I would much rather massage for six hours than sit in front of the computer for the same amount of time!


But…here we all are.
Let’s stop wasting energy on the things we cannot change.
Let’s stop wasting energy on struggling with reality.
This home schooling thing is happening.
So let’s get on with it shall we?
And let’s do it fabulously!

Like a lot of parents out there, I find the visual of small children in front of black mirrors disturbing. And I know a lot of parents are worried about the impact of this extra screen time on the bright, young minds of their children. The thing is, we won’t know the impact until some body studies it – we may never know?

The reality is, devices have been chosen as a necessary tool by your child’s teacher and education system. That is what they are using to teach them right now. And so rather than fighting that reality, consider guiding, herding, manoeuvring, playing with that reality? Strike a balance with the non-screen time, creative play, reading a dang book (!) or cooking that works for you and your child and just have fun.

Things are only a big deal if we make them big deals, you know? Find a nice balance and cut yourselves some slack. You are doing the best you can right now right? YES!
Doesn’t feel like it? I bet you get new strategies from this blog about cause and effect?

Nothing is forever. Not one thing.

So for most of our school aged children AND their teachers, a laptop, computer or iPad is part of the daily program right now and we are finding ourselves seated in front of one for a large part of our day. So how to THRIVE in this Covid19 home schooling season?

One thing I can help you with, is how to avoid neck pain.
Take the time and the little bit of effort and money to get set up right!



Important points to consider:

  • Chair

    • Does it have a supportive back?
    • Is it high enough so your arms can rest comfortably on the table with a 90 degree angle in the crook of your elbow?
    • Are you sitting on your sit bones?
  • Mouse

    • Is your mouse arm touching your body while you operate the mouse?
    • Allow your mouse arm to switch off when not in use
  • Keyboard

    • Put its legs down so your hands can be as flat as possible whilst operating the keyboard
    • If you are on a laptop, purchase a wifi powered portable keyboard and mouse from somewhere like Officeworks and you will wonder how you ever did without it!
  • Laptop

    • Are you looking down or up to look at your laptop?
    • The best angle is none at all, so get some books or bricks or timber and get your screen at eye height
  • Movement

    • Do gentle retractions whilst sitting
    • Stand up and change your posture altogether – every 30 minutes!
  • Breathe

    • We do not breath properly or deeply when looking at screens > CHANGE THAT!

Oxygen is deeply relaxing, especially in times of stress!


So let’s get our home schooling groove on kids, parents and teachers and create healthy, ergonomically effective workstations for ourselves. It is easy, inexpensive and at the very least, getting set up right will balance out the health and wellbeing issues of having to be in front of our black mirrors more than usual.


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