Melbourne Lockdown Take II

Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and By Phone Life Coach Rachel Carroll Smiling and friendly at Southbank Brisbane for SINA Conference

I took this photo of myself at Southbank in Brisbane this time last year, after flying up there from Melbourne to deliver a Wellness Presentation to Spinal Care Nurses at the Annual SINA Conference.

Today I am giving the same ray of sunshine, that is my smile, warmth and care and my Professional Wellness and Mental Health strategies to a new bunch of peeps.

Melbourne Lockdown  Take II

Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and By Phone Life Coach Rachel Carroll Covid19 Health screening Melbourne CBD

Today, as I have been for the past two months, I am providing Covid19 screening in the foyer of a large white collar workplace in Melbourne’s CBD. And Melbourne’s Lockdown take II has just begun.
And people are worried.

They feel disappointed to be in lockdown again and for so long this time.

They feel let down by their fellow Melbournians, some of whom have clearly not been doing the responsible thing.
They feel angry about this lack of awareness and care for community. “Selfish” is a word that is often used.

They feel scared of losing their jobs.
They feel anxious about working from their one-bedroom apartment with their partner who’s off work, stuck at home and not really coping that well.

They feel concerned about the future and the prospect of going through the lock down challenges again, only to be let down by human behaviour, again.

They feel overwhelmed by all that is happening the world over, with riots, suppression, civil unrest.

So along with the screening questions and a temperature check, we chat and share our concerns and thoughts.


And because I have the Mental Health Qualifications and Training I do,
I can help them find peace of mind and identify light…
in places they didn’t think, or had forgotten existed.


And this has me feeling useful, helpful, content, not-separate from them, blessed, happy.

What a gift it is to share of yourself authentically?!

Rachel x
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