Elevate your mood using only your body weight

Woman doing push ups Elevate your mood using only your body weight Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online & By Phone

No. I am not looking for a lost contact lens!
I am doing the last twenty of the two hundred push-ups I committed to do today.
And although I feel tight in my upper body, my mood is noticeably elevated.
You too could elevate your mood by only using your body weight!

The Push-Up Challenge is a great initiative shining a light on the importance of good Mental Health by challenging us to do 3318 push-ups in one month.
This is the number of Australians who committed suicide in 2019.
Yet over 65 000 Australians attempt suicide each year.
Two numbers that hurt, much more than the push-ups do.

Elevate your mood by using only your body weight.

The official Push-Up Challenge was in June, but whilst having a chat with my little bro about how much he missed doing it, we decided to begin a family challenge on Monday this week.
So Monday was 115 push-ups.
Tuesday 177.
Wednesday 213!!

I can confirm going from zero push-ups per day to 213 push-ups per day is tough.
I felt super fatigued toward the end of the first three days.
So much so I didn’t think I could finish and honour my commitment.
But I kept going.
I did 20 push-ups at a time, or even 10 at a time when I was really sore and fatigued.

Mt Everest is climbed one foot fall at a time.

My pecs, traps and lower delts were and still are experiencing some kind of fiery conniption!
I’ve been dosing up on Magnesium; taking tablets each night and coating my muscles in the gel after showering. And each day I wake up to my new little push-up mission with a little bit of fear.


I bloody LOVE how I am feeling!
My mood has definitely been elevated by using only my body weight and I LOVE the simplicity of that don’t you?
No gym needed.
Nor fancy equipment or clothing.
No motivating trainer nor specialised training.
Just my own body weight.
And commitment.

It is nice to have push-up buddies.
My family have set up a group chat where we motivate each other, give push-up-dates and I’m enjoying exploring a range of fun GIFs expressing the highs and lows of our shared journey.

I actually really like having a goal each day and the feeling like I don’t want to let you guys down has prompted me to keep up. It’s been good.
~ Little Sis.

Here’s the top 10 coolest things about choosing to do a push up challenge:
  1. Increased Mental Health Awareness.
  2. Feeling stronger in your body.
  3. Realising anything can be achieved, one bite sized piece at a time.
  4. Social connection and camaraderie make a tough job fun!
  5. Sharing our weaknesses, fears and vulnerability is liberating and uniting.
  6. I can do anything!
  7. Doing exercises where we move our own body weight are empowering, both physically AND mentally.
  8. There is pure joy to be found in honouring our commitments, even simple ones, like doing a certain number of push-ups per day.
  9. Focusing on the present moment.
  10. Doing hard things feels good!
Bonus Tip!
All these points about push-ups are a great recipe for lifting yourself out of depression or stopping doing anxiety.

So I invite you to join us.
Get your gang together and have a crack at a push-up challenge.
This is the list from The Push-Up Challenge peeps for you.

push up challenge Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online and By Phone

Go on!

Elevate your mood, plus 10 cool bonus benefits, using only your body weight!

And let me know how you go.
I am always interested… and will understand how you feel!

Rachel x
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is change that builds upon itself.
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