What I do about notifications

Last week we were talking about liberating ourselves from the burden of notifications and all the benefits we enjoy when we turn off our notifications. Because some of you reached out to me asking about strategies and techniques that work, how about this week I tell you what I do about notifications? And these strategies may help you find balance in your life too.

Turning off my notifications is one of the keys to setting and maintaining my boundaries and keeps me feeling balanced, well and happy. Is it any wonder then that setting and maintaining my boundaries is one of my favourite things?!
And yes – I did just sing that like Julie Andrews!
That’s how I feel about boundaries!

For a glorious start, I have the sound turned off on my phone 99% of the time.

The only time I have the sound turned on my phone is when I have a previous arrangement with someone to call me at a specific time. Like precious catch ups with my dear friend Heidi who just moved to Ethiopia or cutie pie nieces and nephews sharing new and exciting things in their lives over FaceTime.
It’s always a prearranged date and I only turn the sound on just before that time.

The second tenet of peaceful phone-land is when I am home, my phone lives in a specific spot on our kitchen bench. It travels in my handbag when I go do the groceries for those ‘just in case’ situations and that’s about it. Never, absolutely never ever does it sit next to me while I sleep – not even when I am in a hotel and need it to wake me up! And let me tell you – I sleep very soundly without its interference with my body’s natural rhythms. And so will you.

Then what I do about notifications is carefully curate the notifications I see at the times I choose to pick up my phone to purposefully check for notifications.

I do this about ten times a day.
On the weekends I check it less and even turn my phone over so the black mirror is facing the kitchen bench top. Then I can enjoy the pretty pattern on the nice timber phone case I deliberated over when I bought it. Instead of being tempted to check my phone, it is now blending in with the rest of the furniture, allowing me to switch off and relax.

I recently got a new phone and Apple have you signed up for every notification from the get go!
Ha! Of course they do!
So I spent some time going through all the apps and their settings, deciding how much information I wanted them to have about me and which notifications are convenient and helpful for me.
Because that’s the point right?
It’s my device.
What helps me? What hinders me? Get rid of what hinders me!

The notifications I have turned on are:
  • Marco Polo – Badges (red dot on app icon on home page)
  • Phone – Sounds, Badges and Alert on Lock Screen
  • Messages – Badges and Alert on Lock Screen
  • Reminders – Badges, Alert on Lock Screen
  • Uber – Badges, Alert on Lock Screen
That’s it.

No notifications at all from:

  • Facebook
  • Messenger
  • Instagram
  • Gmail

I check that stuff purposefully at one or two times per business day and not at all on the weekends.
When I am project working on the laptop, in Coaching Sessions or other meetings, ALL notifications are OFF.
I am with you when I am with you and doing one thing at a time.
And that IS relaxing!

I have family and friends overseas, Coaching clients I deeply care about, events I am attending, meetings with professionals in my network…
And I’ve got two business, for one of which I personally honour a next business day shipping guarantee.
Nothing goes astray.
Nothing gets missed.
Because when I’m on I’m on and when I’m off, I’m off.

I choose.
Not my wonderful family and friends, nor my lovely customers or clients.
Not Apple.
Nor Facebook.
Or Google.

I choose when and how I am notified and when and how I respond.

I am not missing out on anything.
In fact I am actually gaining more in productivity, relaxation and quality relationships.
And when my peeps get me, they get me – energised and present and doing one thing at a time – BEing with them.

Try it… or not.
And do let me know how you go.
I am always interested.

Rachel x
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