Turn off your notifications!

Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Mind rushing? Heart racing? Not sleeping?
Too much on your plate?
Reducing that feeling of overwhelm by reducing the constant flow of input is easy!

Just turn off your notifications.

In Coaching successful, entrepreneurial, go-getting and heart-led people, our initial work is often focused upon shifting them out of feeling overwhelmed.

You see, heart-led go-getters not only want to change themselves and be the very best they can be, they also want to change the world with their own special gift. Unsurprisingly, caring about and changing the world can feel overwhelming at times but we can change all that. One of the simplest and most powerful ways of stepping out from under the cloud of overwhelm, is to turn off our notifications.

Turn off your notifications!

Just in case…
Notifications = anything that takes you, whisks you, rips you… away from THIS MOMENT.
That means anything from a screen, including oxymoron ‘smart’ watches or wrist-borne exercise feedback.

But won’t the sky fall down if they can’t reach me?

There’s no other way of putting it really.
You are the centre of your universe.
You are not the centre of anyone else’s.

Yep – those folks will cope without you too.
Hell! They may even figure out a few things on their own?
And you know what that means?
Less work for you when you do tune back in.

Because we aren’t talking about logging off for life or even the whole day, we are talking about setting some boundaries around exactly when and how we choose to tune in.

What do we get when we turn off our notifications?

Well for a start, lots of that chatter and noise between our ears disappears.
No more extrinsic motivation for talking to ourselves about what we haven’t done on our to-do list.
Could this be because we are actually doing our to-do list instead of  being constantly reminded, prodded, tagged, pinged, annoyed, frustrated by and responding to notifications? Hmmmm……..

How peaceful and calm are we feeling when we aren’t being constantly reminded, prodded, tagged pinged, annoyed and frustrated by notifications?

What do we get when we turn off our notifications?

What we get is nothing less than our life back…on our terms.
We simply choose choice.

Interestingly and conversely, we actually get the perfect opportunity to give of ourselves fully, warmly and generously, only when we choose. Like the energy of staff at a cafe serving only breakfast and lunch, versus those at a cafe open 24/7. Because we set our boundaries around engaging with others – how and when we choose to be contacted and how and when we choose to respond – we feel more able, energised, inspired and interested when we do engage.

Turn off your notifications!

Because if all we have now, IS now – then what kind of life do we have when we aren’t here, now?
Do we even exist?

It certainly feels like we don’t exist when we aren’t being notified doesn’t it?
Who are we when we aren’t receiving feedback?
Who are we when no one needs us or likes us on Facebook?
Who are we when we cannot prove our relevance to the team?
Who are we when we are not being externally validated?
Who are we when we aren’t controlling?
Do we even exist?

But they will judge us you say.

They will say we don’t work as hard, we don’t know our stuff.
They will say we’re selfish, arrogant, hard to reach, not a team player, not good enough to perform the role, unfit, out of touch, old fashioned, unpopular…

Or will they?
Who’s voice is it saying that stuff in our head anyway?

How do we feel when we:

  • Have the self confidence to set boundaries?
  • Stand in our power?
  • Value our health, wellbeing, family time, balanced lifestyle?
  • Get organised, create strategies, prioritise?
  • Say ‘NO’?
  • Stop trash talking ourselves?
  • Feel worthy of the role for which we have been chosen?
  • Acknowledge the hole inside of us will not be filled by trying to make ourselves indispensable?
  • Stop trying to please everybody?
  • Stop trying to be perfect?
  • Stop trying to control everything?
  • Turn off our notifications and live with peace in our minds?

When we feel confident within ourselves, when we stop trying to control, when we allow that it is not my circus and not my monkeys,  we can stand in our power and choose to work and give and listen and respond when we choose.
And then turn off and stop…when we choose to turn off and stop.

Knowing full well we are not the emails we answer and send at midnight on Tuesdays.
We are so much more than saying ‘YES’ to every request because we want to please everybody.

There is a lot of room in between being constantly available/reachable/on and …off.
Explore that space in your life.
It’s where innovation, organisation, priorities and your truth live.

Have fun!
And let me know how you go.

Rachel x
Your Life Changing Coach
is change that builds upon itself.
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