Turn off your notifications!

person relaxing on swing seat near lake under trees has turn off notifications Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online & By Phone

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Mind rushing? Heart racing? Not sleeping? Too much on your plate? Reducing that feeling of overwhelm by reducing the constant flow of input is easy! Just turn off your notifications. In Coaching successful, entrepreneurial, go-getting and heart-led people, our initial work is often focused upon shifting them out of feeling overwhelmed.…

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Near Enough IS Good Enough

Happy healthy woman smiling colourful paint on face

If you think of yourself as a perfectionist, the concept of near enough is good enough will no doubt make you cringe. And I totally get you there. I used to think of myself as a perfectionist too. Until I realised that “perfect” is an illusion. I also realised that “perfectionist” is just a handy…

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