Near Enough IS Good Enough

If you think of yourself as a perfectionist, the concept of near enough is good enough will no doubt make you cringe.

And I totally get you there.
I used to think of myself as a perfectionist too.
Until I realised that “perfect” is an illusion.
I also realised that “perfectionist” is just a handy umbrella term for those of us who struggle with change and try to control everything in order to keep things same-same and comfortable!


Near enough is good enough challenges our “perfectionist” and controlling approach to the world and that’s scary
– initially.


But let’s be clear, near enough is good enough and having high standards for ourselves are definitely not mutually exclusive principles. And with a flexible mindset, near enough is good enough and successfully managing change is definitely possible too.


In fact, the entrepreneur’s golden rule is: Go at 80%!


So this whole set of folks creating new ideas, products and services have realised that part of successfully managing change is releasing the need for things to be perfect. Because if we wait for perfect, our idea will never come to a real and tangible fruition.

And as for perfect, well…
If we were perfect, we would not fit in this world would we?
There is nothing perfect in this world, not even snow, not even diamonds.
So if we were actually perfect, we wouldn’t fit, we wouldn’t belong.
If we were perfect, we’d be lonely too.
It’s no fun hanging out with someone who’s perfect.

Perfect is an illusion.
So is control.
And since change is inevitable, we may as well stop wasting our precious time and our energy on trying so desperately to avoid it.

Near enough IS good enough.
And here’s a pretty graph to prove it:

Graph Diminishing Rate of Return

So next time you feel challenged by change and that’s probably fairly often in this season of Covid19, remember this graph and The Law of Diminishing Rate of Return and stop.
Stop trying to control.
Stop trying to make everything “perfect”.

We will never get back anything near what we put in beyond a certain point.
And that point is near enough.
And that is good enough.
It has been for me.

Let me know how you go with this ok?
I am always curious.

Rachel x
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  1. Carla Francis on September 8, 2020 at 6:07 pm

    I will go with 80% is my new mantra! Thanks Rach. X

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