Living The Low Touch Economy

Living The Low Touch Economy.
Because Humans are more than numbers, more than business forecasts and projections, more than survival strategies and pivots. We Humans are living this Covid19 experience and are actively creating the parameters defining The Low Touch Economy.

Yes folks!
We have a new Covid19 coined phrase!

The term Low Touch Economy refers to the way businesses across the globe have been forced to operate in order to succeed as a result of Covid-19. And according to the folks at the Board of Innovation, The Low Touch Economy is here to stay, with Covid19 directly influencing the economy until late 2021. Along with rising tensions and conflict at all levels and take away options for just about everything, we can also expect a significant impact on Mental Health, with even more anxiousness, loneliness and depression.

I am already seeing this impact on Mental Health and an increase in anxiety, loneliness and depression in my community. Folks are driving more impatiently and erratically; patience is in short supply at the market; I’ve noticed more Facebook use and more angry posts about fear, discontent and judgement of others. I’m also hearing people complaining about feeling tired and not sleeping.


My dentist commented to me last week that every second person is presenting with a broken tooth or jaw pain – signs in her industry of an increase in stress levels. She notices similar issues around Christmas too!


Living The Low Touch Economy presents some deeply personal challenges for us. In some contexts, our living of daily life, the way in which we are used to living it, has temporarily changed by government directive or permanently changed by the health risks of Covid19, or the hygiene measures instigated to combat it. No matter the source of the changes, we are faced with changes nonetheless.

And you know how well some of us Humans cope with change don’t you?

Even for those who appear to take change in their stride, there is of course a period of flux and adjustment, despite the veneer of calm and repose.  Then there are those folks for whom change is unusual and so quite scary. Maybe these folks will do the whole “ostrich manoeuvre”, passively burying their heads in the sand and hoping the changes will go away?

Some folks in their struggle against change, will perceive it as a threat and actively resist the change, bellowing and blustering about the pointlessness of the change, its impracticality, its negative impact. These folks often question the validity of the reason for change and the data supporting it, tying to bully others onto their side of the battle against change.

Sounds like a rather futile waste of energy doesn’t it?
Like fighting the weather or the seasons.

One thing is certain about living The Low Touch Economy of this Covid19 season, we will all be confronted with change. Unfortunately for any ostriches out there, changes to living our daily lives are inevitable and already happening. But we can choose how we respond to these changes right?

Maybe you and your family and friends are BEing open and sharing how anxious, lonely or depressed you are feeling or maybe like many folks out there, you guys are doing the classic “duck on the mill pond”. You know? Looking all calm and relaxed on top, but legs are paddling like mad under the water.

Whether or not the person in front of you or next to you at the shops appears anxious, lonely or depressed, or not – we would all do well to give the folks around us some emotional space right now, not just the physical space of social distancing.

What’s emotional space?

More patience.
More kindness.
More empathy.
More time.
More REAL connectivity.
More sharing.
More chitty chat – “How you doin’? How’s your day today?”
More openness.
More honesty about how we are feeling and what we are worried about..
More GOS (Get Off Self) and less it’s all about me.
More effort toward understanding – it may be their turn to drop the ball or lose it today, but in this climate it could be you tomorrow!

And that would be ok.
Doesn’t mean anything at all.
Ask “Are you ok?”
Of them AND of yourself

Let’s choose to BE gentle with ourselves and others over this period of change shall we?

Rachel x
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