Just start with the basics

Often when we arrive on our Coaching call, my client has been rushing, stressing, ‘busy’ and in overwhelm.

So we just start with the basics.

THE most basic way of finding your centre, both rebalancing AND re-presence-ing yourself, is to start with your breath. Because if we are nothing else, and in all possible circumstances, we are breathers. And despite often practicing inefficient, shallow and anxious breathing that would do your average canary proud, deep, relaxing and meditative breaths are possible for us at any point.

Here’s how you zero in, drop down, reconnect and find YOU again in all that ‘busy’ bullsh*t.
  • Imagine your lungs – get a picture.
  • Divide them, vertically, into three parts:
    • Belly
    • Middle
    • Under clavicles (collar bones)
  • Now breathe deeply into ONE SECTION AT A TIME ONLY.
    Begin with your belly section.
    THREE BREATHS per section.
  • It will likely be a little challenging at first.
    Afterall, you’ve been breathing like an anxious canary since God only knows when right?

Give yourself a break, generally, and with regard to this exercise.

  • Knowing with only very little practice, you will be rediscovering the rest of your lungs and their full capacity in no time! AND benefiting from all that deeply relaxing Oxygen cleansing and elevating your body.
  • You will know you are breathing into your belly section ONLY, when your belly extends like Laughing Buddha.
  • Know you are breathing into your middle section ONLY, when your arms at your side, feel your body expanding outward and touching them with every breath.
  • And you will know when you are breathing into that section under your clavicles ONLY, when it feels like you are taking in those last little gulps of air after climbing a flight of stairs.
  • Now, combine all three sections together, beginning with your belly.
  • Once your belly section is full, allow the air to overflow and begin filling your middle section.
    When your belly and mid-sections are full, allow the air to overflow into that last little bit of canary breathing space under your clavicles.
  • Repeat three times. Or many times. But at the very least, TAKE THREE FULL BREATHS into your whole lungs.

If you’ve been forcing the rest of your life to fit into your comfortable locus of control, then doing that, with this, will net you the same kind of results you’ve been getting.
So stop.
Stop forcing.
And just allow.

Not sure how to LOVE yourself or exactly what ‘self care’ means?
Just start with the basics…
And allow yourself time and space to breathe.
Just breathe…

Rachel x
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