How to make a decision?

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This, my lovelies, is one of the most popular questions asked by my Amazing Coaching Clients.
How to make a decision?
And feel good about it.
And know it’s the ‘right’ one.

How to make a decision?

That’s easy… don’t.

Just like all the other words that end in -cide, homocide, genocide, pesticide, to decide something is to kill off everything else, to kill off all the other options and possibilities.
And that doesn’t sound very nice does it?

So what to do instead?

That’s easy too…just choose.
Just choose.

What’s the difference you ask?
Between deciding and choosing?

Well, choosing leaves all the other options and possibilities alive.
And that’s a very big difference.

Choosing doesn’t involve the pros and cons list,
or endless rationalising
or talking to all our friends about what they would do.

Choosing involves looking at all the glorious and wonderful options and possibilities available to us and settling on one, not because it is better or logically superior or our friends think it best.
Settling on one, just because.
Just because we choose it.

To give you a picture of what I mean here, I’ll tell you about one of my beautiful nieces, Scarlett.

Shortly after I learned the difference between deciding and choosing, it was Scarlett’s birthday.
We had sent her a birthday card with a unicorn on it.
Very on trend for five year olds!
On the call where Scarlett was telling us about her birthday and thanking us for our card, she told us she especially loved our card because it had a unicorn on it.
Well done Aunty Rach and Uncle Supa!
When I asked Scarlett why she loved unicorns so much, do you know what her answer was?

I LOVE unicorns… because I LOVE unicorns.

And that is the perfect example of the difference between deciding and choosing.

I CHOOSE unicorns because I CHOOSE unicorns!

That’s it.
Ask any child why they LOVE something and they will tell you a similar answer.
I don’t know what happens to us as we grow older, but we certainly learn how to over-complicate how to make a decision.

So perhaps now, with your adult brain, you may still be feeling a bit unsure about the how part of making a decision?

Well then, tune in to the feeling.
If you have a decision/choice to make, get a sense of the options i.e. hold the concept of each option in your mind and then feel.

The choice that’s best for you right now feels light, airy, free flowing.
The others will feel sticky, darker, heavier, muddled.

The ‘right’ choice for you right now feels like the way.

And that pros and cons list may not agree. Actually, it probably won’t.
Nor your rational mind or your friends.
But that doesn’t matter does it?

Because if it feels like the way, then The Universe is with you, supporting you.
The way is the way.
The way to living the life you’re here to live.
Even if the way gets tricky or your path is challenged, it is still the way.
And because you have chosen it, by feeling, all will be well.

This is how I’ve enjoyed many Life Changing adventures and opportunities for my personal growth.
And if enjoying adventure and growing as a person isn’t the point of this life, then I don’t know what is.

Catch you next time from The Land of the Long White Cloud.

Rachel x
Your Life Changing Coach
is change that builds upon itself.
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