Growing Self Worth

With my latest two blogs talking about Low Self Worth and the Signs of Low Self Worth, I thought it vital to provide you some tools and inspiration for Growing Self Worth! Because that’s what it’s all about here at Generative Change – creating change that builds upon itself – not just by talking about it, but by actually doing something about it.

So let’s get doing something about growing self worth!

Lord knows I know how you LOVE a to-do list, so let’s list a few “how tos” shall we?

1- Take Action

I don’t know about you, but when I am feeling a sense of low self worth, it is often because I am in my head and trash talking myself about all the stuff I am not doing, can’t do, not smart enough to do, not experienced enough to do, not good enough to do, not wealthy enough to do, not educated enough to do, not connected enough to do, not confident enough to do…

No wonder I feel a sense of low self worth with all that negative self talk?!

After becoming aware of my negative self talk, I stop slashing my own tyres and get growing self worth by taking action! And so can you!
By turning all that mental energy into kinetic energy (the very special energy of movement). It’s a simple conversion of energy, takes no time at all and before I know it, I am off, off and away – taking action – doing instead of thinking.
Feels better instantly!

The key is to ask yourself this question: What’s the very best thing I can do today?

And then just go do that.
Go with no judgement about how big or small or important or insignificant the task may be or appears to you. Just go DO it.
And even if that task is the only thing you bring action and movement to today, then at least you will feel fab because you chose to do the very best thing you can do today.
And that is great fertiliser for growing self worth!

2- Celebrate Little Victories

Us Humans are incredibly adaptable creatures.
By the time we get to Friday, we’ve often forgotten and moved on from those challenges Tuesday brought us. So let’s make time to stop and appreciate our facing, conquering, learning and growing through those challenges.

There is nothing better than sitting back on a Friday afternoon and reflecting upon my week. Often I do this with a lovely glass of red, an amazing Nebbiolo perhaps and some rockin’ tunes pumping out of the stereo. Sometimes I do my weekly reflection on my Pat Malone – all tucked up under a cosy blanky right now in Melbourne’s foggy Winter. And sometimes I make a date of it with Superman, at home at the breakfast bar or out in a bar (when that luxury was possible!)  and we share our little victories of the week together. And toast to how amazing and fortunate we really are! Cheers!

Saying it out loud and hearing Superman’s encouraging words and feeling his pride and admiration feel amazing too.

Remember – being so adaptable is a blessing and a curse.
So be sure to set time aside for whatever reflection you choose to do, whenever you choose to do it, wherever you choose to do it, Nebbiolo or not.
Just choose.
Otherwise the time will slip by and weeks will pass and you could have been growing self worth and feeling fabulous this whole time.
So start now.

3- Steer Clear of The Comparison Trap

The comparison trap is the habit of measuring your life against others and is one of the most toxic behaviours we can engage in. The idea “the grass is greener” is a wild misconception fuelled by jealous evaluation, and often leads to stress and anxiety.
~ Debi Gudema Well&Co

I think John Butler says all I have to say about The Comparison Trap in his song, Better Than:

All I know is sometimes things can be hard
But you should know by now
They come and they go
So why, oh why
Do I look to the other side
‘Cause I know the grass is greener but
Just as hard to mow


So just stop comparing.

We never know what is really going on for people.
And since vulnerability is a rare and precious jewel in this modern world, so too will the reality of someone’s life being shown honestly and authentically to us. We usually get their Greatest Hits and their photo shopped highlights reel. We will always feel like a failure when we compare REAL to REEL.
So let’s just stop.

4- Curate Your Media

And while we’re talking highlight reels, growing self worth is so much easier to do in a kind and supportive environment. So let’s get our The Louvre groove on and curate what we let into the most precious and important gallery of all – our own mind.

The more we focus on it, the bigger it grows. This Universal Rule goes for negative stuff too though!

So while it is vital to keep informed in this Covid19 Season, carefully curate your intake of reliable sources of information and limit/stop your intake of the doom and gloom, commercial media. Everything is not a bloody crisis! (Unless we make it one of course!)

The only thing I need to add about curating our media, in this age of “social” media, was best said by a great lady, over sixty years ago. And it stands just as true today.

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

5- Helping others with growing self worth

I will be honest – this is a really tough gig.
Because if the person we wish to help with growing self worth doesn’t want help or is committed to thinking badly about themselves, there’s not a whole lot we can do from the outside to change that.
Their negative and limiting beliefs about themselves will override any compliments about their looks or awards for great work. Deep down, they just won’t believe us.

So how come I can help my Life Changing Coaching Clients grow their sense of self worth?

The answer is simple: because they want to grow their self worth.
Often they have already realised low self worth is impeding their personal growth or complicating their relationships or causing their career to stagnate.
And just like those guys on the Ashley & Martin ads for hair follicle treatment, they have reached their turning point!

If someone you LOVE or someone you are struggling with has not reached their turning point, it is a tough task indeed to get them to believe they are good enough.

But like the airlines say, put your oxygen mask on first!
Do that.
Grow your self worth and be a great big shining light for them.
Your light will help them find their way in the dark.
Your light provides a role model for their learning to LOVE themselves and feel worthy.

And just BE there for them. Like a good old dog.
Great and quiet company.
Kind and gentle touch.
Peace and acceptance of them just as they are.
Try to avoid licking their face!

Peace out!

Rachel x
Your Life Changing Coach
is change that builds upon itself.
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