Negative Self Talk

I LOVE this simple check list!
Especially the bit about comparing my real life to someone else’s “reel” life and naturally feeling bad about it. Der!

An anti-guru I am reading at the moment, J Krishnamurti, says comparison is the source of all unhappiness.

Out of all the crappy ways we attack ourselves and bring ourselves down, I am not sure comparison gets top billing, but it must be dang close.

Top billing for me goes to that record.
That crap record full of negative self talk I play sometimes.
“Trash Talk’s Greatest Hits”
Or “Rachel’s Got Nothin’, Goin’ Nowhere Hits”.

Anyway you spin it, it’s all bad.
All bullshit.
All makes me feel bad.
AND importantly, it makes me feel unmotivated.

Because this is precisely the point of that record and the entity behind it right?
To do nothing scary.
To stay right where I am.
Never getting out of my comfort zone.
Never challenging myself.
Never putting myself out there, in the direct path of the magic unforeseen by this over protective part of myself.

But now I know when I am playing that record.
I even see the needle lift up and land on vinyl.
And this is Awareness.
After that,
I don’t fight it – I accept it.
Not what the record was singing to me.
I accept that I put it on and this is Acceptance.
I pressed play.
This is Responsibility.
And as soon as I take responsibility,
space opens up into Nothing.
Glorious nothing.
No shit songs about how shit I am.
Sweet NOTHING instead.

And you know what turns up when there is nothing?
That’s what.

Put that on your turn table and rock it!

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Thank you to Andrew Gross and his magical Mildura Mundamutti Mastery!

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