Opening up to Possibilities

How much of what we say to ourselves is “can do” and “let’s go”?
And how much is “too hard” or “I can’t”?
Whatever we tell ourselves is how we are going to experience life.
And it is a choice.

If we say to ourselves that speaking up for our needs and having that tough conversation with our husband is going to be “hard”, then we tend to want to prove ourselves right and guess how that tough conversation goes?
You got it!

Of course telling ourselves that speaking up is easy is not the answer either.
Sometimes speaking up is hard.
We do want to keep it real don’t we folks?

So your “can do” self talk strategy could go something like this:
You may start telling yourself…
“Yes – that conversation seems like it’s going to be hard. But how do I know?
How do I know right now, what the future will bring?”

Then you may like to allow yourself to consider all the different possibilities of how the conversation could go?
You could give your mind a rest and swiftly and peacefully consider that of course there simply ARE more possibilities…
and stop talking to yourself about it and just see what happens?

You may find that lots of peace of mind comes from the mathematical and rational and Universal truth that as Humans, we actually have no way of telling what the future will definitely bring.

And so couldn’t we then choose to walk toward it with confidence and positivity?
And if those two states seem out of reach at the moment,
could you see yourself walking toward the future with at the very least, curiosity?
How would that be for you?


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