You gotta expect to be disappointed. Really?

My gorgeous and unstoppable NLP and Hypnosis Mentor, Ms Deborah Bow has a penchant for creating curiosity and quizzical faces with cryptic mind twisters like this one!

You gotta expect to be disappointed

With what? My brain always asked!
You gotta expect to be disappointed with what? About what? By whom? Why would I do that only to be disappointed?? Boo!

Allow me to put the appropriate grammatical furniture in and see if you can answer my question:

You gotta expect, to be disappointed.

To be disappointed, you gotta expect or have expectations.
Expectations of others,
of yourself,
of your future,
of how a situation will work out,
how the day is going to go,
how doing something new for the first time will be,
what will happen with this whole Covid19 thing.

I know what you’re thinking – what about all those nice ideas about the value of having expectations?
You know? “If we expect the best, then that’s what we’ll get”.
I think this particular idea exists just to counter that other idea about expectations:
“Hope for the best and expect the worst”
Does your soul just wither and die reading that?!
Mine does.

Far out!

What Bah Humbug, Christian martyrdom, sad sack waffle!
This is indeed the kind of self defeating sentiment some people set as a default in order to avoid disappointment. In order to avoid living life at all more like it.
And these poor folk (and I mean poor in spirit, not in $$), of course have their worst expectations realised,  because by focusing on the negative they visualise the negative and we know how powerful visualisation is right?
Sadly, these folks turn the very worst they can expect into a sticky reality for themselves.

But to have no expectations?
Doesn’t that mean we are just breezing through life, like a feather on the wind?
No it doesn’t Forrest.
Doesn’t that mean we are not self determining?
Not manifesting our destiny?
No it doesn’t Forrest.


Releasing all expectation, gently and with Grace!
Beginning each day with a completely CLEAN SLATE.
No baggage.
No “I know how this goes because x…y…z… is how it happened last time”.
Life IS a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.
No past.
No future either.

Just now.
Just you and ALL that you are.

Free yourself and those you LOVE and leave your expectations behind you now.
Live life like a child!

You gotta leave your expectations behind to be surprised.

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.
But I reckon the idea has some legs.
Try it on and see.
Let me know how you go.

LOVE Rachel x
Your Life Changing Coach

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