Where have all the questions gone?


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When I look around the world right now, I see lots of struggle, anxiety, depression and de-evolution of Humanity, resulting from the absence of questioning.
I see lots of cool stuff too!
But it’s the not-so-cool stuff that has me asking: Where have all the questions gone?

Chatting with a writer friend of mine yesterday, Carla mentioned one of those “make a six-figure salary just by blogging” ads on Facebook. You know the ones; become an overnight success, get paid heaps just by breathing – oh and paying us for this amazing course – of course!

We wondered who buys into this sort of thing?

Our wonder turned, very weirdly I must say for two childless women, into a kind of instinctual protective and maternal vibe when the course presenter began telling GenYs and Zs they need not bother with University because it is so easy to make a living as an influencer. In these Social Media days, influencer probably qualifies as a proper noun but they get a little ‘i’ as a sign of my respect for this hyena of the modern landscape.

Sincerely though – IS a Hyena of influencers the proper collective noun?

Carla and I are both tertiary educated, switched on gals who put in lots of hard graft pushing our amazing ideas and businesses up the hill of success. After seven years we aren’t earning six figure salaries. Our successes did not happen overnight either. We feel really concerned for the young folk of today, being fed this crap and not questioning.

Not questioning the truth or proof of the promises and not questioning who is making the promises.
What makes their words worth listening to?
What are their qualifications?
Yes – sometimes university qualifications aren’t all that and folks with an abundance of experience and runs on the board are the best to learn from.
Are the sellers of this course those people?

No wonder anxiety and depression are rife in young people!
Being constantly exposed to these empty promises and not questioning would have us all struggling with the gap between reality and our trumped up expectations.

Where have all the questions gone?

Certainly not many of those who stormed The United States Capitol last year asked enough questions or enough of the right kind of questions. Whipped into a demented fury by The Orange Man and all his press about a rigged election, falsification of votes and general fraud. Without questions, America faced one of its ugliest hours.

Questions about advantage, legitimacy, accuracy and proof – where had all those questions gone?

True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned.
It comes only from influence, and that cannot be mandated. It must be earned.
~ John C. Maxwell.

Earned, according to Maxwell in seven ways:

  1. Character – Who are they?
  2. Relationships – Who do they know?
  3. Knowledge – What do they know?
  4. Intuition – What do they feel?
  5. Experience – Where have they been?
  6. Past success – What have they done?
  7. Ability – What can they do?

I think, coupled with or even in the absence of actual qualifications, these questions foster great positivity in our world; creating clarity, realistic expectations and proof. All very valuable elements of excellent choices and a happy and healthy life.

Rachel x
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