Is your help helping?

man absailing cleaning windows is your help helping Generative Change Life Changing Coaching Online & by Phone

Is your help helping? I discovered this fabulously helpful question on the toilet wall of Superman’s mentor’s home. Toilet walls were my Mum’s education platform too! That’s how I learned all the world’s countries, their capital cities and flags. Superman’s mentor,  Tristan White, is the author of Culture is Everything and Founder of The Physio…

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Struggling against reality

Cute kid with hat struggling against reality Generative Change Life Changing Coaching

Coaching Sessions this week have been positively over flowing with struggling against reality, so maybe it’s in the stars right now? How you doin’? Are you getting upset by stuff you cannot change? Like other people and their behaviour? Me too. We have new neighbours directly below us and on the planet they come from…

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Signs of Low Self Worth

Light at the end of the tunnel signs of low self worth

We all crave LOVE. We all want to belong. We all want to feel like we are enough, just as we are. We all want to enjoy beautiful things like LOVE , acceptance and belonging but when we are experiencing low self worth, there is no room in our hearts for such beauty. We do…

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Low Self Worth

Woman with sunrise behind her holding crystal ball reflecting self worth Generative Change

Every day we sit next to our work colleagues, chat with friends and catch up with family. We take turns in shouts for coffee and baking cakes for birthdays. We listen to their stories about kids soccer on the weekend and successful fishing trips and plans for Mum’s birthday. But are we really listening to…

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