Struggling with Wounds from the Past

My wonderful Coaching Clients have been teaching me about struggling with wounds from the past.

 Everyone of us is walking through this world with wounds from our past, especially wounds from when we were little children when we did not understand or applied a child’s knowledge of the world to understanding the situation.
How open and raw these wounds are right now is really up to us. Yes- we can get help, support and positive role modelling along the way, but the real healing and change happens when we decide to think and feel differently about those situations.
The tricky thing is, until we are safely in Session or working through this stuff on retreat or at a workshop, we often do not realise how wounded we really are under the surface and how pervasive this hurt is throughout our current life.
I have heard an intelligent, grown woman tell of a decision she made about life when she was four years old watching the harmless kids’ movie “The Princess Bride”.
I was shocked to learn that this little girl’s decision from way back then about something seemingly silly, had impacted her opinion of her self worth up until now.
So this stuff is very real.
And we are all doing it – wandering The Earth with big red trigger buttons for various hurts lying just below the surface, lurking like a spider, awaiting some unsuspecting loved one to accidentally (or on purpose) tread on them.
We can clear them and awareness about them must come first of course.
Contact me today to chat about how we can safely work through your big red trigger buttons.

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