Sleep soundly by doing this daily audit

Are you having trouble sleeping?
Well you are definitely not alone.
New research says that half of all Australian adults are not getting adequate and satisfying sleep.
Tiredness and fatigue is real and it makes all of us…well…er…’not quite at our best’.

So what to do about getting a good night’s rest?

Sleep soundly by doing this daily audit.

  • Get yourself a pen and paper or an excel spread sheet if that’s your thing and create three columns.
  • The headings for each column are Positive, Negative and Neutral.
  • Now, what did you do today or what happened in your life today?
  • List your answers in the appropriate column for you.

All sorts of cool stuff will have occurred in your day today and your dang monkey mind will be keeping you up nights about that one thing in the ‘negative’ column.
I betcha!

Having done your daily audit now, you can see lots of ‘positive’ things happened today.
And lots of stuff that just gets dinner on the table and the dog walked.
But hey!
That’s pretty ‘positive’ too when you think about it.
Or when you put it into perspective with folks who don’t have enough to eat or cannot walk or don’t have a furry friend.

So now that our Ego-fuelled monkey mind has lost the argument about just how much we have failed today and how much we have to worry about that instead of sleeping, we can sleep.
Nighty night!

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