Peaks and Valleys

Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. Such is life right? A series of lofty peaks and shady valleys to navigate. Our success, or rather our ‘feeling’ of success very much depends on what we say to ourselves and how we behave when we are high and when we are low. Expecting an even keel, no change or the proverbial plateau is unrealistic and unhealthy. Very unhealthy when you think of life depicted in that flatline on a heart monitor right?!

A little of my experience of peaks and valleys

After the year that was 2017, I even fell over whilst running one morning, think it was the 27th of December and skinned both my knees and the palm of one hand. Haven’t done something like that in a few decades. Ok…this looks like it’s going to be an interesting lesson I thought to myself.
Sometime in the following week, sitting with my feet in the sand and a margarita in hand, listening to the soothing sounds of the waves lapping the shore, I realised that I was healing.

There’s more to most of life than meets the eye

Healing the metaphysical and now funnily the actually physical scrapes and bruises from climbing, scrambling and pulling myself up to the peak (Peaks and Valleys, Spencer Johnson) and out of the valley that was changing the direction of my career (and sticking to it!), getting all tech and stuff and moving forward fearlessly in 2017.
Now with fresh pink scars on my knees to remind me of the efforts I put in and how amazing I am to get to where I am now, I remember to keep working, keep pulling myself up, to make my time at the peak last longer.
Proud of my efforts and my bravery and the sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears – literally!
Now to keep going.
Because we never know whether the next little piece of effort and work (LOVE made real) will be the one that makes all the difference right?

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