Manifesting Vs. Letting Go?

Manifesting Vs. Letting Go…
Which path should I take?

The topic of finding balance between Manifesting Vs. Letting Go is one my clients and I often discuss round and round! And for good reason too. Both concepts have amazing merit and we totally dig the wisdom they provide us, but aren’t they diametrically opposed?

Let’s start with Manifesting

We are all children of The Universe (God, Goddess or whomever you conceive to be beyond us) and all in it are here to help us get along in life and be happy, so actively manifesting what you want from life, the physical things in it, the kinds of relationships and experiences you want to try, the places you want to travel to, the career you want to have… all this you can actively and consciously manifest and create for yourself.

Putting it out there and hoping, trusting that in accordance with The Laws of Attraction, it comes back to you, is a valid and effective life philosophy and way of living. Because of course, how will you get it if you do not ask for it? And because we are only ever limited by what we think or believe is possible for ourselves, then manifesting your destiny and your experience of this life is a great way to make sure you are living the life you’re imagining!

But then a funny thing tends to happen.
We little Humans tend to get a bit bent out of shape when
(a) we don’t get what we want and
(b) we focus too intently on the fallacy that we can actually control what happens in our lives.

In answer to point (a) I will respectfully borrow the immortal words of The Rolling Stones and sing to you:

“You can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometimes… you get what you need!”

And in addressing the whole fallacy of control in point (b), let’s move on to the concept that seems to oppose manifestation and that is, letting go.

Letting go

So because control is a fallacy (this is what I choose to make part of my belief system in order to enjoy a happy and fulfilled life – up to you what you choose to pack in there), letting go really is the only sensible and efficient use of our time on Earth. It actually feels way more relaxing too!

And I don’t mean floating about on the breeze like Forrest Gump’s white feather, as nice as that sounds. We are most definitely intelligent and powerful creatures, more than capable of creating our own path and manifesting our destinies.

When I find myself confused by what life seems to be dishing me, I actually like to think of Forrest Gump, in that goofy Southern accent, asking his dear Mum What’s my destiny Mamma? Mrs. Gump kindly tells him that he’s just gonna have to figure it out for himself. By the end of the film, after Forrest’s myriad adventures, blowing in the wind and hanging out with Lt Dan who is most definitely on the more rigid manifest-your-destiny side of the debate, Forrest humbly and quite sensibly, not in the absence of a whole lot of life experiences to inform him either, decides that maybe it’s both.

Manifesting AND Letting Go

And I do agree with Forrest.
And thinking of my life in the context of the debate between manifestation Vs. letting go, I like to imagine my life as a river.

A handy metaphor

The sides of the river are what I manifest and put out there; my desires, visions, future directions and they are very clearly based on my values and what makes me happy (more on that in another post!) and they provide the boundaries, the general course I want my life to take on its path to the sea.

Then the water flowing within these shores, shores that are sometimes rocky and rigid and sometimes soft like brown sugar and melt away with the force of the tide, the water is me letting go. Letting go of what I think I know, where I think I want to be, what I think I need. The water is my acceptance that my pea-sized Human brain cannot possibly conceive of the great majesty of The Universe and this acceptance of a guiding force that is greater than me, gives me faith when times are tough and the waves are rough.

The water is always flowing to the sea. Even when nature or man creates a dam or barrier, water always finds a way, around or underneath or over the top or even through. Just look at The Grand Canyon for proof of the patient determined resilience of water! I know I too must be patient, waiting sometimes for the elements to be just right, to overcome the barrier and continue upon my inevitable journey of letting go.

I hope this helps you find the perfect balance for you in your life, of manifesting Vs. letting go. Faith in the goodness of all things and peace within your mind lie at the tipping point between them. Have fun finding it! And do get in touch and let me know how you go.

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