Managing Mondays Successfully

Mondays get a bit of a tough break sometimes don’t they?
Managing Mondays successfully is possible with just a little understanding of ourselves and how our physiology works.

After a relaxing weekend of choosing  to do whatever makes us happy, often enjoying yummy special meals and social drinks with friends and often out well passed our bedtime, we sometimes wake on Monday morning in a funk; saddened by “having” to do something i.e. work/school instead of “choosing” to do the fun stuff. Add to this the inevitable sugar withdrawal our bodies are going through after all those delicious meals and bubbly beverages and we can find ourselves beginning our week in poor spirits.

Stay afloat on Monday

And often then our monkey mind adds insult to injury by jumping on the deflated sugar withdrawal train and immediately listing all those things on our to-do list that we haven’t done yet and we slump even lower. I can hear mine now: “You’ve got this and this and there’s that and you still haven’t done that either! There’s not enough time! And where you are going in life anyway? Your businesses won’t succeed. What’s your real purpose here? I thought you were trimming down, now look at that belly!”

It can go on and on if you let it, sinking us deeper and deeper into a sad, sullen Monday.
If you find yourself the target of such an internal barrage on a Monday morning, perhaps you’d consider choosing to stand back from it all and look at the facts?

  • We are tired – and reasonably so, after all that fun and those late nights.
  • We are doing the typical cranky irritability of sugar withdrawals.
  • We haven’t yet been out for our mind clearing blast of exercise.

So how about putting off thinking about our to-do list or the meaning of our lives until tomorrow? Or at least until after breakfast?!
If we weren’t perturbed over the weekend about our lack of answers to the Universal questions of direction, purpose and the point of our life, then why now, tired and cranky, do we think it’s a good idea to start exploring that?
Because we aren’t at our best.

Give these strategies a go

So how about giving these strategies a go?

  • Exercise immediately.
  • Followed by plenty of water and the kind of breakfast that you may not feel like, but you know feels best after you eat it.
  • Then do a brain dump, sifting through it, picking out the three things that must happen today in order for you to feel happy and satisfied at the end of it.
  • Do them, in order of their priority for you and your life today.
  • And now that you have that handy list of Universal questions you want answering (Who am I? Where am I going? etc), make a date with yourself in the future, where you’ll be feeling confident and clear and answer them for yourself. Or at least make a start at answering them.

Be ok with only feeling ok.

It is ok to recognise that you are not firing on all cylinders today and to make that a good enough reason to stop listening to that negative self talk today and just get it done. Whatever “it” is. Just get it done. Doesn’t have to perfect or pretty or Nobel Prize winning. Just get it done, without that negative soundtrack ok?

Just like the marathon runner with a cold – do they try and do a personal best today? Or do they just get over the line and leave the PB for a day when they feel closer to their best?
That’s right. They do don’t they?
And it is perfectly fine for you to do so too.



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