Honouring our Inner Knowing

Honouring our inner knowing.
Sounds like something a few years’ meditating in a Tibetan cave could deliver us right?
Or could honouring our inner knowing be more simple than that?

Those of you who have been following me for a time know that I look to nature to teach me how to live effectively and at peace with myself and the flow of The Universe.

In one of my previous blogs, I’ve suggested consulting a Cicada for a helpful reality check.
Australian rocker William Crighton would agree that asking an insect about the meaning of life isn’t such a crazy idea.




But what if honouring our inner knowing was even simpler than that?


I recently discovered this great little story about Yoshi, a Loggerhead Turtle and I believe the answer to our question lies in this tale:


“This turtle spent 20 years in captivity and still, you put her in the water and she suddenly remembers she probably has something to do on the other side of the ocean and just starts crossing it.”

~ Sabrina Fossette, from WA’s Conservation and Attractions, on a Loggerhead Turtle named Yoshi who, after being released from an aquarium in Cape Town, swam 37, 000km across the Indian Ocean – which included a few wrong turns, including one to Angola – to a turtle nesting site on WA’s coastline, possibly her birthplace.
(Thank you to ABC News and The Big Issue)


This story about Yoshi tells me we know.
Just like this turtle, we instinctively know.

We just know.

We know we have an inner knowing.
We know what to do and how to BE to honour our inner knowing.
And in honouring our inner knowing, we live our life authentically and at peace with ourselves, others and our world.

If we only we would stop distracting ourselves and listen to our heart’s calm whisperings.

We’d find our way home, albeit with a few wrong turns, we’d find our way to our birth place.
The place we can be born again, begin again.
In each moment, re-awakening…

Again and again and again…

LOVE Rachel x
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