Creating Peace of Mind

It might sound like a big ask right now, in this Covid19 challenged world of ours, but creating peace of mind is simple, no matter what micro-organisms are trying to take down society as we know it!

When I say creating peace of mind, what exactly do I mean by ‘peace of mind’?

Peace of mind to me literally means – peace in my mind.
Quiet, where sometimes there is noise and chatter.
A feeling of ease and grace and lightness, where sometimes there is struggle, force and heaviness.
Certainty and rest, where sometimes all there is are questions and commotion.

A calm, smooth sea instead of a wild and stormy ocean.

Before I get to THE magic wand when it comes to creating peace of mind, let me give you two little gems that really help with creating peace of mind.

Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil stops the mind chatter – dead.

While Aromatherapy is a sophisticated modality requiring in depth education to create balanced, effective and specific healing outcomes, as a professional Aromatherapist of 22+ years’ experience I can safely recommend 1-2 drops of Patchouli rubbed into the soles of your feet and up through the back of your hair for creating peace of mind at bed time.

*NB. Mind! it is brown in colour and will stain if you spill it on white fabric and with all Essential Oils, always ensure you buy highest quality, pure and unadulterated oils.

Setting Boundaries

It follows that if we only say ‘yes’ when we can actually and realistically and whole heartedly mean ‘yes’, then our minds and consciences will remain peacefully uncluttered of broken commitments and agreements.

Setting boundaries is a message of LOVE to others, telling them exactly where we are willing and able to give our 100%. We help no one by agreeing to things we simply do not have the time, capacity or space to actualise. So stop saying ‘yes’ when you mean ‘no’ – with LOVE of course – and enjoy creating peace of mind by not overloading yours quite so much.

And now, THE magic wand in creating peace of mind: Integrity
My definition of integrity: Do what I say I am going to do.

That’s it.
Just do what I say I am going to do.
Even those things I say only to myself.
This is simple, but not easy.

Once we start listening and noticing, we realise just how much to which we agree and commit and just how often we do not honour those agreements and commitments.
Our broken agreements and commitments start talking to us – nagging, prodding – reminding us of all we said we’d do and haven’t done.
You know the feeling of an out of control ‘to do’ list that’s been shouting at you for months?
No peace of mind there.

One definition of integrity is:

  • The state of being whole and undivided.
    “upholding territorial integrity and national sovereignty”
  • unity, unification, wholeness, coherence, cohesion
Integrity (doing what we say we are going to do) creates an internal wholeness and unifies us within ourselves.

When we say: ‘I am going to go to the gym tomorrow morning’ and I don’t go, the ‘I’ who said they’d go becomes separate from the ‘I’ who did not go and the conversation begins. Peace in our mind disappears, replaced with disunity, nagging, guilt and the unhappy chatter of our monkey minds as we berate ourselves for our ‘not doing’.

Perhaps it is a small, seemingly insignificant agreement or commitment like saying: “I’ll have a salad for lunch today”. So when we eat a hamburger or nothing at all, we may not berate ourselves, but we sure do start talking to ourselves about it. That chatter does not end until we either do the thing we said we’d do or we forgive ourselves, wipe the slate clean and begin afresh. As long as leaving our agreements and commitments and beginning afresh doesn’t hurt you, me or The Universe, it’s a good thing to do.

Why carry all those broken agreements and commitments around with us?
That baggage only inhibits our fully living in the present moment and certainly creates unrest in our minds.

So there you have it.
Creating peace of mind is as ‘easy’ as maintaining our integrity by honouring our agreements and commitments; staying whole and unified within.

So now just notice.
Notice all the agreements and commitments we are making.
Notice how often we are not honouring these agreements and commitments, how that feels and what it does to our peace of mind.
Then get real.
Start only making agreements and commitments you can honour.
And what about choosing only small agreements and commitments that don’t stretch our magnificence?
Well… we already know what playing small gets us don’t we?
So choose your Goldilocks’ agreements and commitments for today, honour them and then extend.

Honouring our agreements and commitments is simple but don’t let that fool you.
This is a very powerful process that will change your life.

Superman has recently accepted the challenge of doing around 200 push-ups per day. The exact number varies daily, but it is always around about 200 push-ups.
He started this on Saturday and I noticed a difference in his attitude, energy and outlook after day two.
Because he said he was going to do 200 push-ups a day and then he did them.
It was hard – yes. Especially on day two with DOMS from day one!
But he honoured his agreement and commitment.
And stood taller because of it.

Now there’s a word that’s been lost in modern society.
Claim it!
Bring honour into your life.
And create peace in your mind.

Let me know how you go!
You guys know I LOVE hearing your stories.
And a BIG thank you to Andrew Gross for the inspiration for this article!

Rachel x
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