Creating Christmas Cruisiness

Here we are again, once more approaching Christmas and how are we feeling? Are we starting to feel overwhelmed? Do we need some direction and guidance about how to instead of spiralling into craziness, creating Christmas cruisiness? For me the journey begins with a racy feeling in my chest and belly and my blood bounces to the same unsettling beat.

My sleep is affected too. I feel tired, but when it’s time for bed I feel wired and sleep is hard to come by. I wake in the morning feeling unrested, knowing I’ve been thinking all night.

I find the tops of my shoulders, neck and jaw muscles tight and switched on when they don’t need to be.

And my mind, that cheeky monkey and the cause of these racy feelings, stressful body reactions and lack of sleep, constantly talks to me about my to-do list; all the presents to buy, meals to make, flights to book, issues with family, money to pay for it all… Gah!

How to create Christmas cruisiness

Because I speak of my mind as something talking to me, that means there is a part of me not doing the talking, stressing and triggering of the racy feelings. This witness is something other, something more peaceful and balanced. And it is to this balanced part of me I turn to for help in creating Christmas Cruisiness.

Here is her balanced advice:

  • Exercise
    Despite being the Silly Season, keep to your exercise routine, especially running and cardio. Morning exercise of this kind burns cortisol, a stress hormone at peak volume in the morning.
  • Brain Dump & Delegate
    Moving stuff from my mind to a list really helps me stop thinking about it. Because it sets out the tasks clearly, it also helps me delegate. I make sure I show Superman my list. Bless him – he immediately volunteers for jobs he can/wants to do and this is an instant relief for me and he feels needed too.
  • Go Easy
    on caffeine and alcohol.
    If you’re already feeling racy, why add something racy like caffeine? Stop. Find alternatives. Herbs Peppermint and Gotu Cola are gentler and still upbeat.And you’d think a glass or two of wine would help with that racy feeling, but no. Alcohol is a stimulant. And with it in your system, your sleep will be interrupted when you wake all hot and sweaty in the wee hours as your body heats up to stabilise blood sugar.
  • Say no!
    The sky will not fall down if you say no when you mean no. I promise.
    It is perfectly ok for you to do what makes you happy. So if staying home instead of going to yet another party is what you need, then say no. When you say yes and go but don’t want to be there – is this really being there? If they LOVE and care about you, they will understand. Set yourself free: Say no when you mean no. This sets others free to do what makes them happy too.
  • What do you really value about Christmas?
    Does making all those star biscuits for your husband’s colleagues really flick your switches? Or do you get far more bang for your emotional, energetic and financial buck by sending out Christmas cards to friends and family? Know what makes you happy, what you really LOVE about Christmas and choose that.
  • Change your language
    Resist regurgitating the hyped up media language of scarcity, desperation, fear, keeping up appearances and stress. Instead, use language that tells your mind you are winding down toward Christmas, cruising on in to the holidays, doing only what you have time for…
  • Be the light
    this Christmas!
    The illusion of busy-ness is real for some and despite all our efforts to remain calm and realistic at this time of year, our nearest and dearest may choose to buy into all that busy-ness bullsh*t.Instead of joining them in their stress, consider being a light that shines calm and peace and self LOVE over them. We cannot change them, but we can be a light showing them the way forward; away from stress and exhaustion to a safe place where doing what makes us happy is enough and perfectly ok.

May your Christmas be merry and bright.
Repeat the sounding joy!
Rachel x

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