Your relationships with others matter

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We are on a roll with an important topic here at Generative Change: Relationships Matter.
After exploring why relationships matter and especially why your relationship with yourself matters, this week we move to the undeniable fact – your relationships with others matter.

Because no one on their deathbed ever wished they worked more or watched more Netflix!
According to Bonnie Ware  The five most common regrets of the dying are:

  1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me
  2. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard (from every male patient she nursed)
  3. I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings
  4. I wish I’d stayed in touch with my friends
  5. I wish I had let myself be happier

Relationships are the focus of the dying.
Are you, the living, focusing on your relationships?

Your relationships with others matter.

And because they matter, I am going to give you a relationship saving, relationship nurturing, Life Changing Coaching gem! There are so many fantastic tools and techniques for enjoying your relationships it was hard to choose only one. But I did and here it is:

Stop mind reading!

Basically, because you can’t…
You know?
Mind read.
So that makes it very difficult to experience success with mind reading wouldn’t you say?

Now we all do it.
We all start sentences with I think she thinks…
Or maybe he’s thinking…
Or They looked at their feet when I asked, so that means they are thinking…

But here’s the thing, and there’s really no way of getting around it –
We cannot possibly know the completeness of another human being or the intricate inside of their minds,
so just ask.
Instead of mind reading, just ask clarifying questions.

Because your relationships with others matter, stop minding reading… and ask clarifying questions instead.

And just stand back and watch as your friends, colleagues and loved ones positively light up!
Your interest in them and how they think, will have them feeling connected and loved.
And even more than that…
Asking clarifying questions will save you so many arguments and disputes, possibly even a divorce or two?

Like one of my amazing clients, Christie.
When I first met her, she was mind reading for the Olympics!
And she felt insecure about herself around others because of it.

All that mind reading and insecurity turned her relationships into those baskets of yarn balls in the cartoons. You know the ones; where a bunch of kittens get into it and the balls and string go everywhere?
Helping Christie stop mind reading and feel more secure around others was easy because Life Changing Coaching helps you hear yourself more clearly.

You can do this too.

Just listen to yourself.

Listen for anything that sounds like mind reading and ask clarifying questions instead.
Remember mind reading sounds like: I think they think…

And as always, let me know how you go.
I am always interested.

Rachel x
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is change that builds upon itself.
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