THE key to thriving in Lockdown

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Having thrived through over a 100 days of severe Lockdown here in Melbourne last year, I have a gift to give those of you who find yourself in Lockdown today. THE key to thriving in Lockdown is stop struggling against reality.

That’s it!
THE key to thriving in Lockdown.
Just stop struggling against reality.

Where’s the gift in that you ask?
Well the gift in that is:

  • All the energy you will save and be able to spend on more pleasurable and rewarding pursuits.
  • How much better you will feel without that clenching and churning feeling in your gut.
  • Or maybe for you it’s your face that gets hot and red, or your jaw clenches in frustration, indignation and anger?
  • Think of the spaciousness and lightness of a mind clear of the constant battle between what you want, and what is.
  • And how fabulous to be talking about something else for a change, instead of bloody Covid19!
  • You’ll enjoy life more – in large part because you will be in it, instead of in your head about it.
This is the key to thriving in Lockdown.

Because no matter your politics or social bent,
no matter what you know, or think you know, or have read about Covid19 and epidemiology
and no matter the complications, losses and inconveniences in your life that Lockdown causes…
Covid19 Lockdowns are reality in Australia (and other parts of the world).
And if Lockdown is the reality in your area right now, then accept and embrace it.

Because until you stage a revolution, oust the current government and their Zero Covid approach and throw the doors open to 22 000 Covid cases a day, Lockdowns are part of our life, periodically, for the foreseeable future.

So do please thrive in Lockdown. Thrive throughout your entire life!

Do stop struggling against reality and perhaps for the simplest reason of all: you will always lose.
Choose instead to accept reality, embrace reality; finding the opportunities in the challenges.
They’ll be there, if you look for them.
Harder to find though, if you’re spending all your time and energy struggling against reality.

And if you, or someone you know finds themselves struggling with reality, get in touch with me.
I specialise in getting real, focusing on the facts and helping you thrive – no matter what.
Everyone is welcome to a Complimentary Opening Session, so choose and accept this opportunity… or not.

Was today the day you decided to live the life you’re here to live?
Let me know.
I am always interested.

Rachel x
Your Life Changing Coach
is change that builds upon itself.
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