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I enjoyed an exciting meeting today!
It was the first of a few where a Brand Designer I have engaged for my business, Genki Pet, will outline the creative direction of our brand redesign.
And boy!
Let me tell you the difference a professional makes!

Genki Pet is an antidote for pet stress, anxiety and behavioural issues in the form of all natural Aromatherapy spritzes. And it works in chilling out the pet’s peeps too, so of course I LOVE it’s holistic philosophy! My good friend and I got it off the ground a few yeas ago and what we knew about Branding and Design would have filled a small lunchbox!

I’ve learned so much more since then and I am fiercely proud of all my hard earned skills. With a bit of time and the right tools, I can confidently have a go at lots of Design and Branding tasks. I may have to learn how to do them first (!) but I can do them. I can create cool stuff on Canva and I get the importance of branded colours and fonts. I’ve built the front end of two websites, designed my business cards and fliers but…

After today’s session with professional, Jo ChunYan, it is crystal clear to me what a huge difference a professional makes.

  • For a start the process is actually enjoyable!
    • I don’t have to spend valuable time learning how to do something for the first time.
      I can spend my time on the input side of the equation, the gettin’ somewhere side of the equation, instead of the reinventing the wheel side of the equation!
      And this feels fantastic!
  • So I mentioned a process right?
    • Before today’s session with Jo, I had completed a bit of homework to enlighten her about Genki Pet, who it is for and my vision for the brand.
      My answers to Jo’s questions surprised me sometimes and helped me explore the depths of my thoughts and feelings about Genki Pet.
      I discovered things I didn’t know about myself and my brand and my dreams and visions for it.
And this is the difference a professional makes: because she knows her stuff and how to help me and get a great result, working with Jo has already brought me great clarity.
  • Additionally, the different view point of Genki Pet has been invaluable.
    • Because with Genki Pet, I am a bit like a fish swimming in water right?
      Ask a fish about the water it is swimming in and it will ask you what you are talking about. Because the fish is totally in water, it can’t see it, assess it, describe it, challenge it.
      Jo’s external and well honed eyes and ears are helping me see Genki Pet  in a whole new light.
      And it’s beautiful!
This is the difference a professional makes.
Whether that be a professional Brand Designer, Plumber, Cake Decorator or Ski Instructor.

Yes we can all have a crack, plop some icing on top and smooth it out, tinker with the float in the cistern or nod skeptically when our mate says all you need do is make a ‘V’ with your skis before hurtling off down hill. But are the results the same?
Is the process enjoyable, enlightening, guided?
Do we feel nurtured, cared for, in good hands?

Is the DIY process even efficient?
Lord knows it would take me a very long time to learn how to create the style scape Jo shared with me today. Yes I could do it – eventually. But is that the best use of my time on this planet?
Nah uh. Not at all.

Because the best use of my time on this planet, whether it’s pets and their people in the Genki Pet context, or it’s you amazing folk in The Generative Change Community – the best use of my time on this planet is helping all beings create happiness for themselves.

Rachel x
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is change that builds upon itself.
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